Gary W. Phillips was born in Pampa, Texas in 1949. He is a graduate of West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Gary has been active in both for-profit and non-profit companies for the past forty years, holding titles of CEO, COO, President, VP of Sales/Marketing, and Executive Pastor. He has taught the principles contained in his first book (ManUp Gentlemen) to hundreds if not thousands of men over the past decades. He has been happily married to Teresa Mertel Phillips for 52 years. From his earliest years, he was taught how to be a gentleman and how to properly treat people with respect and love. Gary and Teresa have two children, Tarrah (husband Jimmy) and John (wife Jennifer), and ten awesome grandchildren.





01_manup_ebook_1600x2560ManUp Gentlemen is a primer on training young men to be gentlemen. With principles that are organized and simple to learn, this book is a road map for parents, teachers, and care givers as they invest in the lives of young men.

The principles contained in this book will help families as they design a training plan for their young men that will help assure them of positive results in life, relationships, and business. The principles in ManUp Gentlemen are proven principles that have worked for decades. If you want your young man to act like a gentleman and reap the benefits of those actions in life, relationships, and business then ManUp Gentlemen is a great resource.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BGR9MTG


Some of the topics covered in this book include:

A Gentleman: How He Treats A Lady
A Gentleman: And His Clothing
A Gentleman: And His Personal Hygiene
A Gentleman: And His Automobile
A Gentleman: Business Protocol
A Gentleman: Dinners, Banquets, Parties
A Gentleman: And His Money

And many more topics of training.

“Gary has created a field guide for every young man. From the most practical to developing the heart of a true man, Gary covers all the bases, proving solid, timely advice on living like a gentleman. It should be on the gift list for every graduate.” Billy Taylor, President, Worship House, Inc.

Gary adds personal anecdotes in each chapter about his life experiences that are entertaining and help drive home the principles.

Training young men to “manup” will help them be brave and tough enough to deal with any situation.





PLeadershipBook IMG_1462

Principled Leadership is my latest book.  “The principles in this book are the same principles by which Gary lives his life.  They are timeless and work in all seasons of life if you take them to heart.”  Ken Harp, Director Finance, ResponsiveED.

Principled leaders hope for the best from others, but demand the best from themselves. It is a book of timeless leadership principles for SUCCESS.

The information contained in Principled Leadership will enable you to the the best leader that your employees have ever worked for.

In this out-of-whack world, where good is labeled evil and evil is packaged as good, it is time to re-examine some of the timeless principles that are often forgotten or maligned.

Gary W. Phillips, Author


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